Chiefs vs Broncos

Chiefs vs Broncos Live: NFL 2018 The Chiefs face the Broncos for the second time this season at Arrowhead on Sunday.Chiefs vs Broncos Here’s what Denver head coach Vance Joseph had to say about this crucial conference matchup.Chiefs susceptible to taking the Broncos. Chiefs vs Broncos But if the Broncos can’t get their pass rush going, then their downward spiral will continue and the positions will need to be addressed.Stay with us to enjoy this game.

It was a remarkable performance – from Mahomes’ five passes of at least 15 yards in the fourth quarter alone to a left-handed toss on third down that moved the chains – helping Kansas City win a sixth-straight over Denver for the first time since 1973.“They know us, and we know them,” said Head Coach Andy Reid. “Both sides will have [new] wrinkles and there are adjustments to be made there. I just think the fact that you know each other is probably the biggest challenge. You have to be feeling really sharp as you go through it, have a good scheme and execute well.”

Mahomes, in particular, has seen plenty of the Broncos already in his young career, as Sunday’s matchup will mark his third start against Denver in just nine outings as a professional.

“You always get a little more familiar with a defense whenever you play them a lot,” Mahomes said. “Especially being able to play them this last game when they threw a ton of stuff at me – a lot of different blitzes and coverages and stuff. Being able to look at the tape and see what mistakes I made, as well as the things that I did well, is going to be something that I can kind of take going into this next game.”

Chiefs“He is a freakish athlete, he can run and jump, but just natural ball skills,” Joseph said. “A lot of little guys have a real problem finishing down the field in traffic. Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown those two guys, as I’ve watched film over the years, are really good at finishing down the field. It’s just his natural, physical ability and his explosiveness to jump and catch the ball at the highest point.”

“When you’re facing a guy like him you have to challenge him and have your safeties overlap to erase some of the deep balls,” Joseph continued when discussing the keys to stopping his “freakish” speed. “When you watch most of his deep balls, he is really outrunning the corner and outrunning the safeties. So, if that happens it’s going to be a long day for us. But our safeties will do a great job of having great angles to him and having enough depth to overlap his speed.”
“It’s unique because it looks different with every personnel group,” Joseph said. “It’s really three different offenses to prepare for and once you add coach [Andy] Reid and coach [Eric] Bieniemy’s tricks, the jet motions, the reverses and all of those shuffle passes — all of those elements make it really tough because now it becomes assignment football and not just one-on-one football.”
“He’s a matchup nightmare. He’s probably too fast for every linebacker in the league and he’s probably too big for most of the safeties. So, what you have to do is when he’s out of the core you treat him as a wide receiver that way you can play top-down coverage because again, if you don’t he’ll make a big play we’ve experience that before in the past leaving him one on one with our safeties and losing down on the field multiple times.”
Your plan has to be to trap and contain him and keep him where you want him to be but you have no plan for when he breaks the pocket,” Joseph said about Mahomes’ offensive prowess. “He’s outrun most of our big guys and he’s shaken off most of our pass rushers, but [you have] to grind and get him on the ground as quick as possible.

“Most young quarterbacks, when they break the pocket, bad things happen. For him, his eyes are down the field, he’s not looking to run, he’s looking to throw the ball downfield. He understands the pressures of when he breaks the pocket that he can do damage. Most young guys when they break the pocket, they’re looking to run the football and gain four or five yards and then slide, he’s not. He’s trying to stay behind the line and make a big play downfield. And the problem with this guy, he can throw the ball across his body moving left or moving right so how do you combat that? You simply can’t.
And right now PearlJamBroncoGaryFunk and JasonAult16 are two of my favorite people on the planet because they are behind this Broncos team 100 percent and believe it has a chance to beat the Chiefs.

And I agree with them 100 percent. So that’s pretty much all the predictions you need to have this week. Now let’s figure out how to beat this Chiefs team because there’s no team I’d rather win against this season than them at Arrowhead.
JBGFL: I feel like most (enough) of the guys on this team aren’t going to let other people’s drama (Kelly, team ownership, fire so-and-so, trade such-and-such) impact their Sunday performance. I think we’ve seen it when it did and am more inclined to believe Broncos have steeled themselves in many respects, including that one. Dealing with adversity when winning AND when losing helps to do such a thing. I see Broncos having another performance where they are on point on defense. Sure, ee’ll probably see Travis Kelce make a play or two, as well as Tyreek Hill and/or Kareem Hunt, but overall, Broncos get a lead in this game, and they ain’t blowing it.